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Custom menus and pages

Best for stand alone applications, the Custom Pages section allows you to add basic content screens as a drop-down menu in the image viewer.

This is good for adding About or Credits screens without having to make your own HTML page for it. You can make as many nested menus and pages as you need.

Adding a menu

When you click the + button on the bottom of the Custom Pages sidebar, you can immediately start adding pages to it:


To remove this many and all its underlying pages, click the delete icon next to it.

Adding a content page

Adding a custom page under one of your own menus is very simple: click the ADD NEW PAGE button to add a page to this menu. Then you will see the following screen:


Writing your content

You can write a basic page with custom bold, italic, titles and lists using the markdown language.

Adding an image

To add your own custom header image to this page, click the Page Image button. This will open the asset manager where you can upload and select an image.