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General image settings

General settings

In the General Settings, you can specify:

  • By default, if you are using the default, every marker and tour comes with its own deeplink. Meaning, that individual markers and tours can be shared on social media.

    If you turn this option off, the deeplinks will not be used, and the entire experience will operate under a single link.


    This only applies for viewers that are using the data-router attribute on the <micr-io> element.

  • Opening state

    By default, visitors will just see your image when they arrive. This setting allows you to change the starting behavior:

    • Open on the image itself (default): Users will simply see the image and have to interact with it themselves.

    • Start with opening a marker: You can select a marker which will be automatically opened when users visit your image.

    • Start with opening a marker / video tour: You can select a marker or video tour which will auto-start when your image is viewed.


    You will only see these options when a tour has already been created for this image.

    • Start with opening a custom page:

      Intro screen example

      You can open the image with a custom page, created under the Custom Menus editor. This is a very powerful feature, as you can show an introduction video and / or text, and add your own custom buttons to let the user for instance choose between starting a tour, or exploring the image by themselves.


      You will only see these options when you have created at least one custom page.