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Marker content

The "Content" tab in the marker editor corresponds with the popup that shows when a user has opened this marker.

Each section in this panel is explained below.

Marker opening behavior

Marker default behavior

This is what happens when a user clicks this marker in the image. By defaults, a marker popup opens, but this setting allows you to choose different methods:

  • Show nothing: Nothing happens when this marker is clicked, and there will be no connected popup. This is useful if you want to set your own click actions when you're using an integrated Micrio embed.

  • Show a regular popup (default): This opens a regular marker popup panel on the side of your screen.

    Standard marker popup

  • Show a full-window popover: For more immersive content, such as a video embed, or image gallery, you can choose this option which triggers a full-window overlay with this marker's content.

    Full-window overlay

  • Navigate to another image: Alternatively, you can also set this marker to be a link to another image. When the user opens this marker, they will switch to another Micrio image, selectable when you pick this option.

Default text content

When you have chosen to open a marker popup or full-window popover, you can set the main popup textual content here.


Marker images

You can add one or several image assets to this marker's content window, using the "Add an image"-button.

Default viewing behavior

By default, they are presented as clickable thumbnails inside the marker popup. Clicking on them, will open a full-window overlay where you can see the full-sized version, and if you have added multiple images, you will be able to swipe through them.

By turning off the "Images can be opened" switch, users will not be able to do this.

Image properties

Each image has two extra fields that you can enter:

  • Alt text: The (alternative) name for this image. It defaults to the uploaded file name. In the viewer HTML, this will be the alt attribute of the <img /> tag for this image. This text will be interpreted by screen readers, so it's always good to put a comprehensive title here.
  • Caption: Additionally, you can provide an image caption which will be shown under the image in the popup element. This could include things like copyright information.

Audio fragment

Audio fragment

Each marker can have its own audio fragment, which will play inside the marker popup, when the marker is opened.

This is often used for a voice-over, or narrator of the popup content.

  • Autoplay this audio: When turned on, this audio sample will start playing as soon as the marker popup is opened. Otherwise, the user will have to start playing it themselves.


This is not to be confused with the positional audio property of this marker

Web/video embed

Web Embed

You can also embed other web media in the marker popup, such as a YouTube or Vimeo video.

Depending on the style which you have selected, it will be displayed as:

  • For regular popups, it will be printed as a normal embed-frame inside the popup, beneath any audio or images you have added
  • For full-window popover, it will be the main element, taking up the largest screen space. On the right, will be the other marker content (text, images, audio).

Entering the embed URL

You can add an embed by entering an embed-ready website URL.


By default, the URL you enter will be used directly in the Micrio popup. However, YouTube and Vimeo URLs are natively supported by Micrio, and they will be played with native Micrio media control buttons.


Platforms such as YouTube, will give you a code snippet to embed their videos into your website. Micrio only supports direct embed URLs. For YouTube, just copy and paste the main video URL ( into Micrio, and it will be correctly embedded within Micrio.

Embed settings

  • Embed title: Set the title of this web-embed.
  • Description: Give an optional description of this embed, which will be displayed below the embed itself.
  • Autoplay video: Only available for YouTube and Vimeo-embeds: by default, all videos will automatically start playing. Using this option, the users have to manually start the video.
  • Mute other audio when playing: While this embed is playing, any other playing sounds (positional audio) in the image will be faded out, allowing full focus on this video.