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Sharing your images on social media

After uploading and publishing an image, it will be available on its own unique URL with your image ID.

The most simple way to share this with others, is using this URL directly.

Use the sharing icons in the top right corner of the viewer or copy and paste the public image URL (for instance in your message.

It's simple, but it works

Micrio's own viewer URLs are optimized to be used for social media. If you share an image, it will display its title, along a preview of the image itself, and a short description, if you have entered this in the editor.

What it doesn't offer, is advanced styling, custom behavior, etc. See the next article for more details about it.

It's very easy, and works well!

Each detail has its own unique URL

By opening links within the Micrio image, the URL will automatically be updated to your current tour or marker, such as this:

If you share these on any socials, the correct image detail and description will automatically be generated for this!