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Image albums


This feature is available for Enterprise subscription accounts and up.

Moby Dick as Image album

Image albums allow for a single viewer embed to present many images at once. This is ideal for for instance book viewing.

Micrio Image Albums are published with a greatly optimized single viewing preview package, which brings a smooth viewing experience, since the user will not see any blank pages being downloaded while browsing the album.

Uploading images into the album

The album explorer

An album works mostly the same as a regular folder, with the only difference that you cannot create subfolders or other types of projects inside an album.

Uploading images into an album is the same as uploading regular images into a folder.


If you have a large volume of images to upload at once, consider using the Micrio Image Processor App, or the Micrio CLI tool

Album menu

The album menu

The "Album" menu at the top of the page shows album-specific actions you can take:

  • If your album is published, this link will bring you to your album's main entry viewing URL.

  • Publish album

    If your album is not yet published, use this option to generate the optimized viewing package, and publish it.


    When your album has a lot of individual pages, the generation of the optimized viewing package might take a while.

  • Add images

    Add new image(s) to this album.

  • Album settings

    See the next section on this page.

  • Depublish

    If your album is published, this option depublishes it. Your album will not be deleted, but the public viewing link and any external embeds will be unavailable.

  • Set password

    It's possible to set a password on the album viewer. This only works when using the viewer, it does not work with <micr-io> embeds. In the latter case, it will just give an "access denied" error.

    This is good for sharing albums with a select group of people.

  • Copy album ID

    If you need the original album ID (ie. for embedding), use this option to copy the album ID to the clipboard.

Album settings

The album settings

Micrio offers a variety of display tweaks to optimize your album viewing experience:

  • Album type

    There are a few methods of presenting an album:

    • Swiping: this presents your album as a swipeable gallery, such as an image gallery on your phone. This is good if you have different images.

    • Switching: this will not animate anything when switching pages, rather the pages will switch in place when navigating. This is great for books, as it allows the users to flip through the book in hyper speed.

    • Grid: this album will be used for Grid Storytelling projects


    Grid Storytelling Projects are an experimental Micrio feature. Please contact us if you would like to know more about it.

  • Document settings

    When you have selected Switching as Album Type, you will see some additional settings:

    • Show every 2 pages as spreads: if you are presenting a scanned book, or PDF for instance, this option will enable side-by-side page display, so the user will experience the album more like a real book format.

    • Number of single cover pages: If you have selected the above settings, here you can set the number of pages at the start of the album that should be displayed as a single page, such as the book cover, or some introductory pages that should not be displayed side-by-side.