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The main image settings

Main editor panel

In the main editor panel:

  • Title

    The image title. This is a multilingual field and will be presented based on the language the image is viewed for.

  • Details

    The main image details.

    • Description: The main description text for this image. Provide context of its creators, history, and additional links. Multilingual.
    • Copyright: While only printed in an optional details modal (see image settings), this field is always published with the main image JSON, and will be correctly printed in IIIF manifests.
    • Source URL: If you're using an image from another source, you can input that here, and it will be included in the main image info JSON file.
  • Publications

    An overview of this image's language publications:

    Published languages

    • If it has a green check mark, it means its latest publication is up-to-date.
    • If it has an orange icon, it means there are still unpublished changes.
  • Actions

    Image-specific actions

    • Copy content from another image: If you have a better image for a previously enriched image, using this function you can select the image to duplicate the prior image data into this one, allowing you to continue to build the content.
    • Delete image: permanently delete this image.