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Micrio Image Processor App

Dashboard v3

This tool only works with the Micrio dashboard version 3 and up.

Large images can often be many GBs to upload, and depending on the file format, can take a long time for Micrio to succesfully process. Processing these images locally on your computer, results in only uploading the processed tiles to Micrio's servers. This can save a lot of time and bandwidth.


There is also a command-line version of this tool: see here.

Since our CLI tool may not be easy to use for everyone, we have also released a graphical user interface for the Micrio image processor.

This is a program that runs locally on your own computer.


For MacOS, you must have privileges to run downloaded programs. Other than that, there are no prerequisites.

Quick Start

  1. Download the program suited for your OS:

  2. Open the file and run the program.

  3. Log in with your Micrio account by following the on-screen instructions

  4. Select which group, and destination folder you want to put your image(s)

  5. Select the image files you want to upload

  6. Wait for the processing and uploading to be complete

    GUI tool completed

  7. When it's done, navigate to the destination folder in the dashboard, and the images will be available there!

Source code, open source

The Micrio GUI Image Processor is built upon the Open Source Micrio CLI Image Processor (see and

The app itself was built using ElectronJS, to enable rapid cross-platform development.

Currently not Open Source, as it falls under the required Micrio license to be able to use this tool.