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Using your own cloud hosting provider Enterprise


This feature is available for Enterprise subscription accounts only.

Micrio offerts support for hosting your data in your own managed Cloud hosting provider. When an image is uploaded in your organisation, it will be stored there, along with all processed IIIF data, uploaded assets, and published JSON data.

This is particularly interesting if you have a large amount of images, and don't want to rely on Micrio's own (Google-based) cloud hosting, or if you work with sensitive or private data and need to retain full data ownership and restrict access.

Support Cloud Parties

Micrio offers full support for using the hosting solutions of:


Since Micrio will need full read/write access to a storage account, it's good practise to make a dedicated Micrio storage bucket. Access will be given to Micrio using API keys, limiting Micrio's access to your infrastructure.

This article has instructions for linking your Micrio account to your own storage account.

Content Distribution Network

When you run a public image service, it's generally a good idea to have a CDN (Content Distribution Network) in front of your storage account. This makes sure all globally delivered content is cached locally to the end-user, so download times are optimized for speed.

Based on your cloud provider, check out these instructions on how to use their CDN capabilities:

However, if your data needs to be centralized and is limited, a CDN is not recommended.