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Micrio Image Processor Command Line tool

Dashboard v3

This tool only works with the Micrio dashboard version 3 and up.

Large images can often be many GBs to upload, and depending on the file format, can take a long time for Micrio to succesfully process. Processing these images locally on your computer, results in only uploading the processed tiles to Micrio's servers. This can save a lot of time and bandwidth.


There is also a more user-friendly version of this tool: see here.

micrio is a command line tool for processing and uploading images directly from your computer to the Micrio Dashboard.


You need to have npm installed on your computer. Download it here: .

Quick Start

  1. Install the Micrio tool as a global binary

    npm i -g micrio.cli
  2. Log in to your Micrio account and follow the steps you are prompted with

    micrio login
  3. Open the Micrio dashboard and navigate to the folder you want to place your images, ie.

    micrio upload my-image.jpg -d
  4. Now reload your dashboard page, and the image should be there!


  • micrio login

    Connect the micrio executable to your logged in Micrio account

  • micrio logout

    Remove your Micrio account credentials

  • micrio upload <images> --destination <url> --format <webp|jpg> --type <2d|360|omni>

    Process and upload one or several images (wildcards are supported) to the specified destination URL, which is the deeplink of the target folder in your Micrio Dashboard.

By default, it processes images to webp tiles, but you can change that to jpg using the --format option.

You can also process it as an equirectangular 360° image, using --type=360. For selected accounts, Omni (360° object photography) is also available. Check out our website for more information.

For more commands and options or run micrio help [command].

Open source

The Micrio CLI tool is free to use and released under the MIT Open Source license.