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Manage users in Micrio Premium account


This feature is available for Premium subscription accounts and above, which allow for multiple users in the dashboard.

If your Micrio account supports multiple users, and you are a group administrator, you will see a "Users & Settings" tab at the top of the dashboard.

users & settings


Don't you see the tab while you think you should? Contact us with your details and we will help you further.

User management

On the left side of the screen, you see the list of users who currently have access to your group.

  • You can promote them to group administrator, so they will have the same managing functions as you do, by toggling the "Admin" checkbox
  • You can remove someone from the group (not yourself) by using the red button with the trash can.

You can add users to your group using the "Add an existing Micrio user" button.


You can only add existing Micrio users. If you need to add someone new, ask them to create their own Micrio account, first.

Group settings

On the right side of the screen, you can set several group settings:

  • The group name, which will reflect in the dashboard itself
  • You can upload a logo, which will be displayed on the native Micrio viewer URL ( for your own images
  • Your organisation's website URL, which, if you have also uploaded a logo, your logo will link to when people view your images using the native Micrio viewer (