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Runtime settings for the Micrio viewer Client 4.x

The Micrio viewer offers a lot of embedding customization options, allowing you to adjust the behavior.

HTML attributes

You can specify options as attributes using the <micr-io> element.

AttributeTypeDefault valueDescription

General settings

langstringenThe data language code to use
pathstring// custom hosted Micrio images, specify the root URL like this
inittypestring-Set this to cover to start the image using the full viewport
lazyloadbooleanfalseSet this to true to only start loading the image when it's been scrolled into the user's view, in case it's lower in a webpage.
skipmetabooleanfalseDo not load any metadata (markers, tours, etc)
staticbooleanfalseSimulate an <img/> element. No logo, loaderbar, and no event listeners

Camera controls

camspeednumber1Set the speed factor for camera animations
zoomlimitnumber1Set this to the percentage (1=100%) of how far a user can zoom in to the image
elasticitynumber1The camera kinetic elasticity factor
viewArray<number>0,0,1,1Set the initial viewport rectangle of the image (x0, y0, x1, y1 with coordinates as fractions)
focusArray<number>0.5,0.5Set focus point of the image, which is treated as the center in case of image overflows (x, y with coordinates as fractions)

User input

eventsbooleantrueIf set to false, no event handlers will be set up and the image will be non-interactive
keysbooleanfalseIf set to true, you can use your keyboard to navigate through the image
pinch-zoombooleantrueUse trackpad/touchscreen pinching for zooming
scroll-zoombooleantrueUse mousewheel/trackpad scrolling for zooming
control-zoombooleanfalseThe user must press CTRL/CMD when zooming with the mousewheel
two-finger-panbooleanfalseRequires the user to use two fingers to pan the image on touch devices
zoomingbooleantrueIf set to false the user cannot zoom at all
draggingbooleantrueUse dragging and touch events for panning

User interface

uibooleantrueWhen set to false, no HTML UI elements will be printed
controlsbooleantrueWhen set to false, no control buttons will be printed
fullscreenbooleantrueShow a fullscreen switching buttons on platforms that support it
socialbooleanfalseShow a social sharing link menu
logobooleantrueWhen set to false, the Micrio logo will be hidden
toolbarbooleantrueWhen set to false, no top menu bar will be printed
show-infobooleanfalseShow an image info panel with the title and description
minimapbooleanfalseIf set to true, an interactive minimap will be shown
minimap-hidebooleantrueIf set to false, the minimap will always be visible
minimap-heightnumber160Set the minimap height in pixels
minimap-widthnumber200Set the minimap width in pixels


mutedbooleanIf this attribute is present, all audio will be disabled
volumenumber1The general sound volume for music/sfx (between 0 and 1)
musicvolumenumber1If music was added to the image, play it at this volume (between 0 and 1)
mutedvolumenumber0If music was added to the image, fade it to this volume while other audio plays (between 0 and 1)