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360º images

360º pictures are uploaded the same as regular 2D images in Micrio. That means they can be any of the accepted file types that you can use for 2D images, it being for instance JPEG, PNG, TIFF.

Equirectangular aspect ratio

Micrio requires 360 images to be in Equirectangular format: that means that the aspect ratio should be 2:1: for instance 1000 x 500px.

This ensures that the 360 image can be drawn without missing parts on the top or bottom of the image.

Creating 360º content

There are a several ways to create your own 360° photos, ranging from making them using your smartphone, to using a professional DSLR camera, resulting in ultra resolution highly detailed and zoomable photos.

We can recommend this excellent article by B&H Photo and Video for a comprehensive guide to all possibilities.

If you plan on linking multiple 360 to each other, try to take all your photos with the same orientation. If the center of each 360 image is facing in the same direction, Micrio will correctly map the images based on where you place the marker linking to another image, meaning the camera won’t jump to a different orientation when your visitors are navigating through the images.